Everyone knows it’s windy

BOOM.  Mr. Porter woke up, but I didn’t, when a tree crashed down on our neighbors’ house. The tree landed inside one of the bedrooms. How would you like to wake up with a tree sticking out of your house? I am happy to report no one was in the room at the time that the tree split and cut through their roof. No one was hurt.  

Within minutes the local Fire Department arrived. A fireman entered the house with a flashlight and searched for internal damage to the house. It’s best not to put the light switch on in case there are frayed electrical wires. 

Wow. I guess I’m awake now, with or without coffee.  

It was time once again to count our blessings.  We are glad we had all those trees removed from our property, especially the ones in the front lawn. That could have been the end of our living room. 

Our even worse, what if a tree fell into our freshly painted kitchen?? <shudders…>

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6 thoughts on “Everyone knows it’s windy

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad no one was hurt, but.. poor house and neighbors! 😦
    There was a lot of damage around my home town in KY including uprooted trees landing on houses and a tornado that killed at least one person. We get that stuff down here in TX too and I worry about all the trees in my yard, but so far, we have been ok *crosses fingers* It is no fun having to “wake up” without coffee. I hope your day gets better! πŸ™‚

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    1. Right Courtney?! I was so glad my neighbors were not hurt. They will have to move out for a few months, I’m guessing. First they will have to call Jake from State Farm and then wait to get paid. Sadly, that usually takes longer than the actual reconstruction. I can’t believe I slept through it. I guess I was tired, huh?

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