About Me

Hi, I’m SueAnn.

I’m a two-time cancer survivor.

I used to write code for computer systems, now I write words for people. The best compliment is when I write something and hear a “gasp” from the listener. It means I’m doing my job.

You can also contact me by email at SueAnnPorter@yahoo.com

You can enter your email address at the left  right side of the page to get my posts sent directly to your inbox.

I am a Born-Again Christian but I will not beat you over the head with a Bible. I will, however, pray for you behind your back. 😉

I have had several short “flash” stories published, and I am working on a novel.

Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to introduce yourself.

** Update: 2/21/17  I have published my first ebook, Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh. This is a Modern Day Bible Commentary on the story of Moses and Pharaoh in the book of Exodus.


Do you ever feel like you take one step forward, but then two steps backward? While we are reaching for our goals and dreams, a struggle exists behind the scenes. This book looks at the biblical story of Moses and Pharaoh and examines the obstacles and reminds us not to quit because the Red Sea will finally part.

Sometimes when we ask God for something, the situation gets worse. Like the Hebrews of Moses’ time, we might want to give up and go back to the way things were. We even blame the person trying to help us. Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh takes a look at the struggle between Moses and Pharaoh in the book of Exodus. We see Moses push forward, then Pharaoh pushes back. There are things in the unseen world that are sent to change the situations, for good and for bad. With prayer and faith in God, we can stand when the situation looks impossible, circumstances around us are getting worse, and we want to quit.

It’s available at Amazon.com, BarnesAndNoble.com, Kobo.com, and wherever ebooks are sold.

Only $2.99

Kobo: see it here: Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh

Amazon: see it here: Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh

Barnes and Noble: see it here: Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh


60 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just noticed you were “following” my blog. I may not be Mrs. Whitlock, but I will try my best to educate, elucidate and edify. I will be following you as well. Perhaps we can learn together.


  2. Congratulations, I have just nominated you for a blogging award. It is called the “Liebster Award” and you can find out about it here –


    Should you choose to accept the nomination, for further instructions, go here –


    I can guarantee if you follow the terms of the nomination you will –

    a) increase your blog visits;
    b) improve your happiness quotient and
    c) snag a nifty looking badge to stick somewhere on your site.


  3. Sueann thank you for visiting my blog and for adding yourself to my list of readers (I do not like the term: “followers”). Please feel free to comment on any subject or post. Your thoughts are always welcome.
    I like what you’re doing here. You’re introducing a wide range of articles and topics. I am sure I will be coming back and reading many, if not all, of them. May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you and yours always. May th eLord shine His face upon you; and, may you have the greatest of success here at “SueAnnPorter1.”


      1. Check my last post. It is a Re-blog. This is what this award is for. Let me know when you have read it..Please? xx


          1. Hi there Shaun, sorry I’ve been away from the computer…so much to do here! painting, etc.
            Anyway, that sounds nice, doing a nice thing every day!


  4. As a follower of “A Way With Words”, you are invited to a domain warming party as I move to a new blog address. Click on this link –


    You’ll think you are in a parallel universe.

    While you are there, be sure to click the “Follow” button. Within the next week, I plan to publish exclusively from this site. Don’t miss out on any of the fun!


    1. Hi Lana, It’s nice to meet you! Yes, FP is difficult. I guess it was a fluke. I don’t exactly know how I got it or how I could ever get it again. I will check out your blog as well.


  5. Thanks, SueAnn, for liking two of my posts. As you continue to face health problems, I pray that, in 2015, you will know that the Lord is with you and will help you.


  6. Hello Sue Ann Porter! Found you on a blog you share a short story about a man (or boy) riding a horse and how he galloped away. Being a life long horse woman with the undying love and passion for them, how could I ignore the story!
    I write true life stories of my horses. Many offer life lessons and reflections in a positve way, with deepest truth’s revealed.
    If you ever are interested in having a guest blog about horses, let me know. 🙂

    Will enjoy reading your up and coming blog posts in my reader.


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