More memories of Fifth Grade

The Year With Mrs. Whitlock

Mrs. Whitlock was “going green” way before it was politically and socially correct. Anyone who lived through the Great Depression, as she had, knew that you never wasted anything.

Our Math homework for Monday night was to be done on the front of the loose leaf paper. Tuesday’s homework was done on the reverse side of that paper. Wednesday, a new sheet of paper was to be used; Thursday, the flip side of Wednesday’s. Friday there was no Math homework. Hallelujah.

If you were absent on one of those days, you would hand in your homework when you returned to class. It would be given back to you the next day, with corrections. Then, it was to be put into the recycle pile. But it wasn’t called that, it was just the scrap paper pile. 

This pile of papers was located on the top surface…

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