Frank and Chester, A Flash Fiction story

There is a site named that posts a  writing prompt everySaturday morning. The prompt must be included in the story submitted. (First line) My story Frank and Chester took second place.  I posted an incorrect link yesterday, so here it is.  SueAnn PorterJuly 16, 2016 at 7:03 PMFrank and Chester 294 Words @SueAnnPorterONE… More Frank and Chester, A Flash Fiction story

I bought a $7 pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring. –Mitch Hedberg

Yesterday I posted quotes about candles, letting your light shine. One quote was from Mitch Hedberg: I wanted to buy a candle holder but the store didn’t have one, so I bought a cake. –Mitch Hedberg   I had never heard of him before, and then coincidentally* I saw another quote from him today on… More I bought a $7 pen because I always lose pens and I got sick of not caring. –Mitch Hedberg

More about candles

I ended yesterday’s post with a quote about candles. This morning I got an email with the same quote. So why not go down that road today? I realized that taking every meme I wanted to post would use up a LOT of time and space, so I will just list the quotations that struck… More More about candles

Sorting My Brain

Today is the kind of day where there are conflicting stories, conflicting goals, and questions I have no answers to. These kinds of days used to scare me, but now I realize this is a temporary state of mind and it will all work itself out. We stopped at our new house-to-be yesterday, and it… More Sorting My Brain

Friday, Oh Friday

It seems like that we now have chaos worldwide on a daily basis. Jesus told us this would happen.  Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.  Some have called for today to be A Day of Rage. Thankfully, the opposition has called for A Day Of Love.  Choose your side.  We are finally… More Friday, Oh Friday