The teenager at my door

I hope that he has found someone nice to hang out with. … More The teenager at my door


Maps of my worlds

I’ve started writing a time-travel, historical novel. There are lots of things floating around in my head, and there are various ways I need to put it on paper before it can be exposed to the “real world.” I made a timeline, and obviously, since there is time travel, there will be a lot of … More Maps of my worlds

Dear Neighbors: I’m sorry I invaded your bedroom

You were snuggled in your bed with your significant other. Enjoying the coolness of this autumn night. Enjoying sweet sleep.  But then at 2 am, my car anti-theft alarm began screaming. They should call it “useless anti-sleep alarm” as no one was trying to steal my car. Perhaps an acorn fell from the oak tree … More Dear Neighbors: I’m sorry I invaded your bedroom