God’s Wheelchair

As you, my readers know, I tend to keep my blogs brief. A quick thought, something that happened, or something the Lord showed me. Today’s blog is a little more involved because, well, I have the time, and most of you do too. So here goes. I started reading in the book of Daniel about … More God’s Wheelchair

Mornings with A. W. Tozer part 1 #Fire #LindseyStirling

My bible study group is reading The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer, originally published in 1948. Tozer’s style of writing is not what we are used to; his sentences have a different cadence than modern writers. Sentence structure is longer. The spiritual truths Tozer shares are deep. We have decided as we study this book to … More Mornings with A. W. Tozer part 1 #Fire #LindseyStirling

A swan dream

I woke up in the middle of the night, and felt God drop something into my spirit. I am not sure what the total package is yet, but I fell back to sleep and had a dream. A friend of mine was celebrating a birthday, and serving decorated cupcakes instead of a cake. Miniature figures, … More A swan dream