I have a new bedtime companion   #nightguard #tuesdaythoughts

It’s not what you think! It’s a night guard for my teeth, because apparently I grind my teeth in my sleep. I don’t remember grinding, but I do wake up with a sore mouth. Also, by looking at my dental x-rays, it was determined that the right side of my mouth is “filed down.” I … More I have a new bedtime companion   #nightguard #tuesdaythoughts

We’re In!

We are moved into the new house.  Actually, our stuff is here, but since it’s still in boxes, I don’t know where most things are.  I went back to the apartment to clean, and hired cleaners to help me. It’s in pretty good shape now. I just need to put the garbage out for collection.  … More We’re In!

The Jogger Meister

At 4:45 am, the Jogger Meister clods through the neighborhood, waking up any resident foolish enough to have his window open on a cool summer night. It is said that the Jogger Meister is ex-military, so he is used to waking up early and beginning his day. We, his neighbors, like to wait at least … More The Jogger Meister

Mom will be Unplugged Today, so I am filling in — Love Bailey

Mom is working on her blog about the Federal Reserve. She has been mumbling under her breath a lot. She is fact-checking and looking for pictures. And mumbling under her breath. A lot. What is the Creature from Jekyll Island, Mom? I never heard of that. It sounds scary! Don’t worry Mom! I’ll protect you! … More Mom will be Unplugged Today, so I am filling in — Love Bailey