Ambassador Chapter 20

Doug’s father told us what happened. “Doug and Ben were out last night. Then about 11 pm I heard them out in the driveway. Doug was home. I heard them talking and then Doug got back into his car, and he and Ben went back out. Ben doesn’t know when to call a night a … More Ambassador Chapter 20

Ambassador Chapter 15

It was a warm September afternoon several years later when the green 1962 Cadillac entered our driveway for the first time. The white convertible top was down, and Doug’s long brown hair waved in the breeze.  I met Doug in the lunchroom of high school while I was dating one of his friends. His friend … More Ambassador Chapter 15

Ambassador Chapter 12

In eighth grade, Donna Barrletter and I passed notes back and forth during class, and chatted on the phone after school for hours. We talked about boys, hairstyles and clothes. One evening while we were talking on the phone, I realized my parents’ liquor was out in the open, the bottles sitting on a small … More Ambassador Chapter 12

Ambassador Chapter 1

A Novel I was four years old the first time I saw a swastika. As Father unlocked the door of our new house, I noticed a strange symbol embedded in the concrete surface next to the steps. It looked like a twisted cross made out of bricks. “What’s that?” I whispered to Mother. “That’s a … More Ambassador Chapter 1