November, a new month, a new start

Ok, so we are all eating leftover Halloween candy, and now it’s time to plan Thanksgiving. I’m assuming I am cooking, er, re-heating this year, as we should have the house suitable for human consumption by then. As I type this, my contractor is thumping in the attic, right over my head. I also have … More November, a new month, a new start

We’re In!

We are moved into the new house.  Actually, our stuff is here, but since it’s still in boxes, I don’t know where most things are.  I went back to the apartment to clean, and hired cleaners to help me. It’s in pretty good shape now. I just need to put the garbage out for collection.  … More We’re In!

Bailey wants cheese

  What’s that sound I hear? It sounds like the crinkling of a cheese wrapper! I love cheese. I’ll just wander over and see what Mom is doing. She can’t resist my cute face. What’s that you’re doing there, Mom? I thought I heard some crinkling noises and I wanted to protect you. That doesn’t … More Bailey wants cheese

Bailey’s adventure to Mortica Adams’ flower shop and greenhouse

  Hi, Bailey here, filling in for Mom again today. She is having Writer’s Block, so I thought I would help her out. Come join me for my trip to Mortica’s flower shop. As they say on “The Price is Right,” here’s the first item up for bids: We have a lovely hanging basket of, … More Bailey’s adventure to Mortica Adams’ flower shop and greenhouse

Yes, I’m comfy

Bailey here. I am filling in for Mom. I am comfy today, but Mom is running around the house trying to get ready for her big surgery on Tuesday. My Aunt Pat will be coming with her little dog to keep me company while Mom is in the hospital.