The Dimension of Time

Time itself is a strange concept. When we are enjoying ourselves, time seems to move quickly. When we are uncomforable, time seems to move slowly. When we are kids, time seems to pass slowly. Each day is so long; Christmas and Summer Vacation are always light years away. As adults, sometimes we stop and realize … More The Dimension of Time

The January Squeeze

The festivities of the holidays are over–the relatives have been visited, food has been consumed in huge quantities, eggnog has been inhaled, and presents exchanged and re-gifted. We now return to our normally scheduled life. I have noticed that every January–no matter how well planned December was-January is a squeeze! It’s supposed to be a New … More The January Squeeze

Can I get a Spam Filter on My Life?

I must admit that WordPress has the best spamfilter I’ve ever encountered. Those programmers must have been filled to the brim with coffee and donuts on a regular basis to come up with such a sophisticated filter, that actually works. I’ve experienced 99% success with WordPress finding and flagging all those annoying messages in broken English. … More Can I get a Spam Filter on My Life?

Recognizing Jerry

As usual, the names have been changed to disguise the guilty, because, let’s face it, I don’t want any lawsuits! In 1999 I went to Niagara Falls to visit my cousin Norm. While I was there, his half brother Jerry called. I got on the phone with Jerry and we hit it off immediately. We … More Recognizing Jerry