Dear Person of Interest: I’m not interested anymore. Adios!

Harold-FinchI had a problem. I was concerned how I was going to be able to stay awake for “Person of Interest” at its new day and time. For two years CBS’s “Person of Interest” has been my favorite show. But last night everything changed.  First, CBS decided to change the viewing night from Thursday night to Tuesday night, and they put it on at 10 pm, after NCIS:LA.

I rarely stay up past 10 pm anymore, I am old, and secondly, I despise NCIS:LA. “Heddy” the boss, is a self-contained freak show. The “shaggy” guy reminds me of my ex, and I don’t think there could be less “Buddy chemistry” between the two main characters. I do like the opening theme music. But that’s it. I refuse to watch it.

So I changed the channel for an hour, and came back to CBS at 10 pm.

Oh, no. They have “Shaw” as a main character. She is a one-dimensional being whose main reason for existence is to emasculate Reese, our hero. She saves his butt. Who writes in a hero to save the hero? And a boring one at that.

The whole dynamic between Finch and Reese is changed. And between Reese and the audience. Now we have to wait for super-girl to show up. Yawn.

Meanwhile, ROOT is in the Psych Ward. According to her doctor, “Uncle Harold” put her there. Now I would have liked to have seen that.  How did Harold accomplish this? When we last saw them, ROOT was in control of Harold (by gunpoint) and the machine. Were the writers not up to the task of showing us how this came about?

And so, Person of Interest, I will be going to bed at 9 pm Tuesday, like last season. Problem solved.

7 thoughts on “Dear Person of Interest: I’m not interested anymore. Adios!

  1. Heddy! Ha. I loved this post. Loved it. The draw for Person of Interest was seeing the smart guy from Lost in a new show. That waned. This show has more bad karate than a 1970s disco. I want intellectual mystery, not suspicious re-dos of a Vulcan death grip.


    1. Ha! Michael, thanks for your comment. I wrestled with letting this one out into the blogosphere, thinking I would get more HATE than LIKE. But I had to vent!
      What a huge disappointment it was.
      I’ll be chuckling all day with the “bad karate than a 70’s disco” comment. LOL.


  2. Since I have yet to watch either of the episodes I have recorded….I am now rethinking POI 😦
    It doesn’t sound interesting at all! I have been an advid fan for two years as well. As for NCIS:Los Angeles, other people I know who also do not watch it, do not like “Heddy”. I have to admit….I watch it for Chris! Mmm! But he will never take the place of Mark Harmon! LOL! I would suggest Elementary but it is past your bedtime to! ha ha….. do you turn into a punkin? 😀


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