Tonight We Ride (Flash)

I wrote this a while ago, I just changed it and submitted to an online Flash Contest at

Tonight We Ride

By SueAnn Porter



Back then, most folks rode their horses in the daytime, but the nights belonged to me–until the night that I fell off my horse. It started out as any other night, but then my horse sped up like Secretariat.

My legs straddled the horse and I desperately grabbed the animal’s neck with both hands as I bobbed up and down awkwardly. Something was missing: there were no reins to hold onto. Pain encroached upon my hips and thighs. My arms stretched from the horse’s mane, as I attempted to gain control of the animal’s motions. My chest slammed against its neck as I struggled to hold on.

I ricocheted up; then back down into the saddle. I heard people scream in the distance, as we all rode around the circle faster.  I wanted to help them but I passed through the sounds of their screams hanging in the air. I hung tightly to the horse’s thick neck, my neck buried in its mane, my chin upon its ear.

Strange music mocked me as I rode. Suddenly the horse stopped. The last thing I saw as I flew from the horse to the ground below was the carousel operator’s toothless grin.

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