Who stole the Slow Bros? #stealing #signs

You might remember these guys:

Identical twins, Slow Man and Slow Bro. 

I was upset when they were knocked over by the neighborhood kids, and driven over, but now they’ve been stolen. 

I came home one day and they were gone. I spoke to my across-the-street neighbor, and she mentioned that her outdoor bench was missing. She had been asking her kids if they had moved her bench. She was surprised that someone could steal it, as it was heavy and bulky and needed two people to move.  

My slow bros were there when I left and gone when I came home, so someone took them inbroad  daylight.  That’s pretty nervy! It’s not like stealing a loaf of bread when you’re hungry.  

Some people have too much spare time! Go work in a soup kitchen, or read to little kids, or visit the old folks if you’re really that bored.   

2 thoughts on “Who stole the Slow Bros? #stealing #signs

  1. I do not understand why people think that other people’s stuff is ok to take.. just because they want it or whatever reason they use. Someone stole an American flag from the Power System offices one night and they were on camera. They posted the video on FB but I don’t know if they caught who did it. I just do not understand some people 😦

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