I misplaced my bikini body years ago

Hmm, where could it be?

I wear granny style bathing suits that cover me and don’t offend anyone’s sense of sight. ( I hope)

Back in my 20s and early thirties, I could wear a two piece bathing suit, but I was shy and wore a one piece. I didn’t like the attention.

That ship has sailed for me, and I am ok with that.

What freaks me out is the people who do not have bikini bodies, and wear them anyway. I get that most of them just want to show off their naval piercing, but aren’t they uncomfortable with the attention? Or maybe they want the attention, which is something I never liked. Maybe they are so comfortable that it doesn’t matter how much flesh shows in public, and for that I am jealous. I never felt that much freedom!

And what about the men? I saw some men today wearing “wife beater shirts” probably to cut down on the sunburn, but haven’t we all seen an old, wrinkly, hairy, Santa Claus looking man at the beach and thought , “For the love of Pete, put a shirt on!” These men are often seen mowing the lawn also.

This is where personal freedom meets living in a society.

Where is the balance?

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