The Red Sea Opened, but not right away

We remember the opening of the Red Sea, and the victory of the drowning of the Egyptians, but we forget the struggle that took place to get them to that point.

God told Moses He was going to deliver the people from Egypt. But they didn’t walk out that day. Much struggle happened first.

When Moses first told the people, they thought it was going to be immediate, and they stopped working! When Moses went to Pharaoh for the first time to tell him “Let my people go”, the Pharaoh noticed no one was working. Pharaoh immediately assigned them more work.

Pharaoh told the people to make bricks, but would not be giving them the straw to make the bricks. The people had to find their own straw. This was extra work, as well as humiliating to be running around finding bits of straw.

The situation got worse! Instead of being free, they were given more work.

It looked impossible.

The people blamed Moses, and Moses cried out to God, “Why have you done this to me?

But the story wasn’t over.

It was just beginning.


2 thoughts on “The Red Sea Opened, but not right away

  1. SueAnn:

    I’m an 80-year-young Vietnam Vet who, like you, is totally dedicated to the Lord!

    I am totally impressed with your blog!

    I have been publishing my blog: every night since Dec 7, 2011 and have reached over 140 Countries & over 1,700 Cities around the world telling the 6 Billion people who have never HEARD the Name of Jesus.

    I noticed that you have found a way to get some financial support for yours via advertising.

    Will you take a look at my ministry and tell me if it would qualify to do the same?


    Bob Lewis Vietnam Vet B52s 1968

    BTW: My blog can also be reached at: 6BillionLost


    1. I don’t get any financial support from advertising. WordPress sticks ads on my blog but they reap the benefits. The other ad on the right for BeautyCounter is a friend of mine which I place there for free and get no income from it either.


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