The Empty Plate: Hunger Sucks

Empty Plate

I’ve been on a semi-starvation diet for 2 weeks. I’ve lost 10 pounds that I hope to never find again.

I notice that it’s hard to concentrate on anything when I’m hungry for a long period of time. I have trouble paying attention to simple conversations.

I also have little interest in anything. Activities that used to bring me pleasure don’t seem to matter. Talking to friends doesn’t interest me as much as it did. I’m actually depressed. I have less energy. I’m not a high energy person to begin with, but now I have to take a nap everyday.

During this diet, I’ve had time to think about those who are hungry everyday. All the time. Their whole lives.

Imagine kids who go to school hungry, and have trouble concentrating because of the low blood sugar, rumbling tummy, and general lethargy they are experiencing. They wouldn’t have the ability to do well in school. Nothing matters much when your stomach is continually growling.

There is a Spanish proverb, which loosely translated says, ” Hunger that expects to be satisfied is not true hunger.”

My diet will only last 4 more weeks. But the hungry of the world will be hungry until someone intervenes.

There are many ways to help hungry people. Donations to local food pantries help those in need in your own area.  – This organization works through a nationwide network of member food banks.   – There are many features here, but one of the most interesting is a “Click to Donate button”, which you can click daily to give a cup of food to the hungry.  – You can donate a one-time gift, or sponsor a child. I have been sponsoring a child for about 10 years now. She lives in Bangladesh. Every year, I receive a mailing from World Vision, with an updated picture and some information about her, such as what grade she is attending in school, and what she wants to be when she grows up.

There are of course zillions of other ways to help.

I’ll be back to normal eating within 2 months, but I don’t want to forget those who need help.

Comments, questions, concerns, queries, quips?

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