My own Ndugu

If you’ve seen the movie, “About Schmidt” starring Jack Nicholson, you may remember that Schmidt decides to sponsor a child from another country for $22 a month.

I have sponsored a young girl in Bangladesh for about 10 years now through World Vision. Her name is Ashru. For $30 a month, she is provided with food and a chance to go to school.

We have exchanged a few letters (through a translator) over the years. Once a year World Vision sends me a report cards of sorts, with Ashru’s photo, a drawing for me, along with info such as her chores at home (cleaning and carrying water). She first wanted to become a doctor when she grows up, but now she is thinking of becoming a school teacher.

Ashru’s favorite food is rice. Rice is a very important crop in Bangladesh. At the beginning of the season, the men say prayers that their rice paddy will be successful.

Unlike Schmidt, I have never written to Ashru with the intention of explaining my problems to her!

Here’s a picture she drew:

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