Timing is Everything

couldn’t get this pic again if I tried

In July, my husband and I went to the Thousand Islands area of New York for an “Unplugged” vacation.

We turned our phones off, ate ice cream, hiked in the woods, and fed the seagulls..

Here’s a pic I could never get again if I tried. I was throwing cracker bits to the seagulls, and laughing as they fought over the crumbs. This guy came in for a landing and miraculously I caught him with his landing gear down.

As I sat by the St. Lawrence River, watching the waves, listening to the wind blowing the leaves on the trees, I was grateful for some time away from my regularly scheduled life.

I had more fun feeding and watching the seagulls than I had experienced in a long time.

Then there’s this guy–I was lucky enough to get him strutting — in mid-stride. Again, unplanned.

We had a whole box of crackers, and there was plenty for everyone!

digging right in there

This guy is almost posing!

Ready for my close-up Mr. DeVille!

This guy (below) tried to scare everyone away by making LOUD screeching noises. They mostly ignored him.

The Loud Mouth Boss Man

And then of course, sometimes the Force is NOT with you– Timing Fail:

Timing FAIL as we say good bye!

I guess I could always read the camera manual and learn how to use it properly!

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