There is now a fourth genre for writing

Cover of "Good Spelling (Fun with English...
Cover of Good Spelling (Fun with English)

I heard about “4th Genre” and I’m like,  what the heck is that? So I trot off to Google… and find out that there were three: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry.

Now there is “the fourth” —which is called “creative nonfiction.” Isn’t that kind of like “an embellished memoir in short spurts”???????!!!!!!!

From what I have gathered so far, it’s a personal experience, which is kind of fictionized so that you can give it a little kick, but also with journalistic qualities, and don’t forget good spelling and grammar. (or grammer, if you really like Frazier)

Also, I found out just the other day (yes I live under a rock) that there is a classification called “Flash Fiction” where the story is told in 100- 1000 words, usually with a quick twist near the end, so that you *gasp*.  I’ve been writing those too, although I did not know it had a name!

So I guess I will keep blogging, writing, scribbling, and someone else will come up with the names to put them into neat little organized compartments, because some people like that kinda thang. hehe.


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