Bailey got attacked by a Bull Dog


SueAnn Porter

We are at the Vet’s now. Will update.


Bailey and I were walking along in our neighborhood, when a Bull Dog came running out at us. The Bull Dog was wearing his collar and leash. (The dog sitter was told: He can’t go out without a leash!) Yes, but a person should be attached to the leash….

The dog ran out, and growled. Bailey growled back, but then the dog got a hold of Bailey’s ear and would not let go. I tried to pull the dog off, yelling “HELLLP HELLP” until finally the dog let go, and I found myself holding the dog by his collar.

I called 911 of course, and the poor man had no patience for me. “A dog just attacked my dog; can you send Animal Control?”

“No, can you write down this number and call them?” he replied.

I’m standing in the middle…

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4 thoughts on “Bailey got attacked by a Bull Dog

  1. Dear SueAnn

    A friend sent me the interview that you gave to Joshua Dragon with the title “An interview with an author of God ».

    What touched me in particular is the phrase: “When I really stop, be still, then I can sense God’s presence strongly»

    Yes, because in the last 3 years I can feel so strong God’s presence and hear his voice, not physical but spiritual voice.

    I don’t have any blog this why I’m writing you an e-mail. Please continue your wonderful job.

    All the best and great success


    2018-02-23 21:15 GMT+01:00 SueAnn Porter :

    > sueannporter1 posted: “updated” >

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