When your vacation is not all you hoped for #vacation

I looked forward to this week, being away from home at one of my favorite places.

The drive up was pleasant enough, with Waze barking out directions. I played my favorite cds.

As I got closer to my destination, I saw some Amish people ride by in their buggy. I had forgotten there were so many Amish in the area.

I stayed at the usual motel, but this year my room was next door to a Loud Walker. You know, you hear every footstep and the whole floor shakes. I met her at the pool one day, and her little dog too.

One day I came back to my room and listened to her dog bark for an hour. Neighbors….

A few days were full of rainstorms, and even with my umbrella I was not able to make my quota of steps for my fitness app.

One rainy day I sat in the screened gazebo and was able to get some writing done.

I did meet up with a friend twice, and that was awesome.

Then today I was going to take the boat ride to the castle. I took anti-dizziness meds before I got on the boat. But oh no the vertigo kicked in.

I got off the boat and got my money back. I stopped at the corner store to get a coke to settle my stomach, and hop on the #GetMeACokePlease Twitter wagon. That’s funny, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on.

I carefully drove back to the motel ( only a mile) and spent a few hours watching HGTV.

I took my vertigo meds again and took a nap.

I check out tomorrow and go home. I didn’t read the books I thought I would, I didn’t get in the pool as much as I had hoped, etc. But I did have time to myself, got some writing time, some thinking time, and I will be glad to be home and see Mr Porter.

Besides, I miss my weirdo dog, Bailey.

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