Need a ride? Call Lyft !

Call Lyft for a ride. Get it at the App Store. … More Need a ride? Call Lyft !


We are STARS!

Who needs Hollywood? We are all stars! In the shower today I was thinking of two different songs that talk about us as stars. The first one is by John Lennon: What he calls Karma, I call “the law of sowing and reaping”. “We all shine on, like the sun and the moon and the stars.” The … More We are STARS!

Back to the DMV

I left off in my story yesterday with my before DMV Plan. I had my passport, driver’s license, proof of address, and everything I thought I would need. I even did my hair and makeup in anticipation of a new picture. I opened the door to the DMV, and the line of humans was right … More Back to the DMV

Bailey’s stroll

Today was much cooler for Bailey’s walk. Although he usually stops and rests when it’s 65 degrees or higher, today he went to the park while it was 75 degrees. It’s much cooler than the upper 90’s that we’ve had during the last week. On those days, Bailey would go outside, sit for 10 minutes … More Bailey’s stroll

You are not crazy: This book says so! #BuyThisBook #books

My Nurse Practitioner recommended this book for PTSD survivors. This could include returning Veterans, victims of crimes, and those abused as children. We have all heard of the “fight or flight” theory of dealing with danger or stress. But I believed there is a third one, “freeze”. When you just don’t know what to do, … More You are not crazy: This book says so! #BuyThisBook #books