Tick Tock

This scripture popped up today as the “scripture of the day” on my bible app. Time is running out for sure, and eternity’s running in!

Red Sea Moment

There’s lots of talk lately of a “Red Sea Moment” — when things look impossible, and they are. But GOD. Nothing is impossible for God. The following is Chapter 14 from my eBook, Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh. My usual method of Bible study is to put the scripture first, and then my comments in bold. … More Red Sea Moment

The five stages of grief and other fantasies

My brother died two weeks ago If you read books about grief and processing grief, it’s broken down into five stages: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Pure fantasy. There is nothing methodical about grief. Yes, there is a numbness in the first days right after you hear the news of a loved one’s death. … More The five stages of grief and other fantasies

One person…

Yesterday was “one of those days.” The power went out at 1 am and didn’t come back until 9 am. I have Bailey, the faithful alarm clock, who stuck his nose in my face at 7– when I needed to wake up. No coffee. This is not good. The coffee maker is set up the … More One person…