How should an innocent man act? #RightToDueProcess #ConfirmKavanaugh

I re-watched “The Fugitive” with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. Although we as the audience know in the beginning of the movie that Harrison Ford’s character, Dr. Richard Kimble is innocent, Tommy Lee Jones (Federal Marshall) takes a little more convincing. Kimble is railroaded through the criminal justice system, and is sentenced to death … More How should an innocent man act? #RightToDueProcess #ConfirmKavanaugh

I spilled coffee on Langston Hughes #human #mistakes #langstonhughes

To err is human they say, and to forgive divine, but the hardest person to forgive sometimes is yourself. A few weeks ago I was at my computer doing something or other, when my coffee cup fell over and coffee went everywhere. It hit the carpet and left a big stain. I didn’t realize it … More I spilled coffee on Langston Hughes #human #mistakes #langstonhughes

My Friday Thoughts

I am sitting on the front step of my house, I dare not call it a “porch” yet, as it has no chairs. Bailey is hanging out with me, watching the traffic, garbage trucks, and walkers going by. I went to a friend’s pool party yesterday, and although I did bring the sunscreen, I was … More My Friday Thoughts