We’re In!

We are moved into the new house.  Actually, our stuff is here, but since it’s still in boxes, I don’t know where most things are. 

I went back to the apartment to clean, and hired cleaners to help me. It’s in pretty good shape now. I just need to put the garbage out for collection. 

My morning coffee spot/office

Last Saturday the moving truck arrived with four men to move our furniture and belongings. Bailey was with Grandma for the day, so he would not be underfoot. 

We were given four huge wardrobe boxes. These enabled us to take our clothes directly from the closet, hangers and all, and hang then in the wardrobe boxes. 

The movers worked quickly and steadily as they loaded our belongings onto the truck. 

The treadmill was in the driveway, and the movers were deciding the best place to put it in the truck. My next door neighbor came out and told them, “Keep that stuff off of my side of the driveway! Don’t cross this line!” The treadmill was six inches over the dividing line of the driveway.  Ugh. How would you like to wake up in the morning and be that person?

Once we got to the house, we gave the workers pizza and bottled water to keep them going.  Thankfully it was a cool day, so it was not uncomfortable. They unloaded the truck, and piled up the boxes into the house. 

The very last item, an heirloom dining room table, got a huge gouge in it. We also noticed large pieces of something on the floor. Mr Porter realized it was grass clippings from the lawnmower.  So unfortunately it seems the table was too close to the lawn mower in the truck.  

Sunday, Mr. Porter and I went to church. When we can back, we smelled a gross odor. Bailey had diarrhea all over the family room carpet. (Sorry, picture not available.). I cleaned it up the best I could, but being shag carpet, well I need to rent a rug shampooer.  

I came home yesterday from cleaning the apartment only to find Bailey had messed up another rug. 

So I hope to unpack the kitchen items today, but first I need to rent the rug cleaning machine. 

“This spot looks empty….”

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