Got any jumper cables?

Booster cables (12V, 50A, 3mm², 3.5m)
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I came out of the library to the parking lot yesterday, to find my car blocked in. A guy(the Jump-er) had his car parked crosswise in back of my car, and he had jumper cables connected to a big-*ss truck that was blocking the roadway to get out. I didn’t have to be anywhere until 6 pm, so I told him, don’t worry, take your time.

I live in the North East, and it’s February, so I wasn’t gonna stand around. I started up my 2000 Honda (I still have roll-down windows and I refuse to give them up), sat in my car a few minutes, and figured that he really should be done by now.

Every once in a while, this ear-piercing shrill would sound from under the hood of the truck, the Jumpee. But it still wouldn’t turn over.

This started getting annoying, so I figured I better take a look.

I grew up in a garage  in the 1970’s, and so although I know nada about the new-fangled cars, I know about Positively Red and Negatively Black. I took a closer look at the cables, and sure enough, there was corrosion all over the battery and the connectors where not touching the battery correctly. I jiggled it around, and Truck Lady said, “Hey my lights came on when you did that.” yeah, I know.

So 30 seconds later, she tries the key again, and bam! the car starts up.

Truck Lady thanked me profusely, and God-Blessed me several times.

It was nice to know that my Old-School talents are still useful occasionally.

10 thoughts on “Got any jumper cables?

    1. I was happy to help Truck Lady. She said she suspected she left her lights on when she went into the library and was there several hours. I did that once…I felt dumb and appreciated the help!


    1. LOL. I think I will have to pay extra if I ever have to buy a new car. I must be one of the few humans who does NOT want a new car. My niece had a car accident a few years back, slid on the ice and crashed into a tree. Thankfully, she was not hurt seriously. BUT she was stuck in the car. The locks could not be unlocked, the seat belts would not come undone, and the windows could not open. The thought of that scares me! Thankfully she had her cell phone with her.


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