Now that I’ve found NOOK – What am I gonna do..with it?

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I decided to try to live in this century, and bought myself a NOOK. I am cheap (thrifty) by nature, so I went for the inexpensive “Nook Touch.”

I went to a class last night at the local library, to learn how to download books from the library. It’s the modern equivalent to borrowing a book from the library. After 2 weeks, it ‘expires’ which means you can’t access the book anymore on your Nook.

Problem was, I could not successfully download a book!

We kept getting a message “user not authorized.”

We re-downloaded the Adobe software. Tried again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Time ran out, and we were leaving, when one of the instructors told me that she had to reset her Nook after her husband used it. It didn’t like that the Nook was registered in one name, and the Adobe software was in another name.

I went home, and noticed that my nook is registered in my married name, and the software was in my maiden name. So the Nook thinks I am two different people!

Now to decide which name I want to use….

I’ll let you know if I am successful downloading a book. Or maybe I’ll just stick with paper……

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