When God uses humiliation to humble us, and other thoughts


Think of Moses, being told to go to Pharaoh to tell him, “Let my people go!” Moses immediately tries to avoid this task.

“But Lord, I am slow of speech.”

“I’m not good at public speaking.”

“Can’t you send someone else?”

What other things do we tell God when He tells us to do a task that we would rather not do?

“What if they don’t listen to me?”

“Why me?”

“But they will laugh at me and hurt my feelings.”

“They don’t believe you talk to me.”

“They don’t believe I can hear you.”

“I’ve got nothing to wear…..”

Okay, so now let’s put this into perspective. Eternity is forever. A very long time.

Do we want our friends and family to go to the wrong place?

Or even worse, what about when God tells you to go and talk to your enemy, as He did with Jonah? People that you would really rather forget about. People who have hurt you, not appreciated you–when all that is standing between them and hell–is you and your prayers? Ouch.


Just as the people criticized Moses, they will criticize us.

Sometimes, God opens the earth to swallow them up. But most times He doesn’t. We have to endure.

When I compare my tasks to what Jesus did for me at the cross, my problems seem very trivial. Jesus gave it all to pay for all so we don’t have to go to hell. How can we ever thank Him enough?

For the last week I’ve had strange sensations in my gut, not physical but emotional. I have not been numbing with food, as I have in the past, but I feel the Lord walking me through it: breathe in, breathe out, process it, you can do this.

Today I felt tinges of God’s love replacing the fear, loneliness, humiliation of feelings buried for many decades.

I believe this is what the plan is: As I process the emotions that have been stuck there, I breathe them out, and I will breathe in God’s Grace and Love and it will fill those places.


The clock is ticking ever faster. Time is running out.

Don’t fear your assignment.


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