Constant Love?

Yesterday was a bad day. There were too many disappointments to number. When I woke up this morning, my head was still swirling. I felt like all the emotions that I was dealing with were too much to bring to God, too much to pray about, and why do I want to bother God with … More Constant Love?

What if an atheist wrote about the Holocaust?

What if, instead of a Jew, a gentile atheist was arrested and thrown into a concentration camp? That’s exactly what happened in the book Scheisshaus Luck, Surviving the Unspeakable in Auschwitz and Dora by Pierre Berg with Brian Brock. This is Pierre’s actual story of enduring the Holocaust. When I looked at the cover, I … More What if an atheist wrote about the Holocaust?

My post-cancer life

Well now all the hoopla is over. I made it through the surgery, the breast reconstruction. The wounds have healed, the pain is gone. But the bombardment of letters, cards, gifts, and homemade meals are gone too. I do miss that; it must be what it’s like to be a beloved celebrity. All that attention. … More My post-cancer life

My Christmas Lesson

I rarely go to Craigslist, but yesterday an ad caught my eye. “Free Toys Wanted.” The latent Santa in me was aroused, and I answered back that I had a few things I could donate. My son is grown up, so I was sure he would not miss a few random stuffed animals and board … More My Christmas Lesson

Am I having a mastectomy or buying a used car?

Any car salesman knows that once the customer has walked off the lot, he’s lost the sale. A savvy car buyer knows: always be ready to walk away. I did not realize that my best negotiating skills were necessary to maneuver through the process of mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. I was diagnosed with breast … More Am I having a mastectomy or buying a used car?