Update on my upcoming breast cancer surgery

voice1Good morning.

I had to go back to the surgeon on Monday, as they needed to draw blood to send for Genetic Testing to see if the kind of cancer I have is hereditary. If it is, they will recommend a mastectomy on the “good” (left) breast in order to ‘prevent’ cancer on that breast. No, I am not crazy about that idea! I think no matter what the results, I will roll the dice and keep the good breast exactly where it is!


When I met with the plastic surgeons, they asked if I wanted to have the left breast ‘modified’ so that it could match the ‘new’ right breast. Again, No. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’m not twenty-something, I am not that obsessed with my looks to warrant extra surgery just to be perky.

My surgeon will be going on vacation next week, and won’t be back until the middle of the month. This gives me time to make arrangements for a hospital bed, doggie day care for Bailey, and the purchases of some nightgowns with front pockets for the ‘drains.’

I had planned for this summer to be relaxing; Mr. Porter and I have run some hurdles over the last few years, and I just wanted two months to take it easy, maybe take a vacation and stare at the river. I guess that is not to be.

But some good things have come of all this! I have gotten to know my neighbors better, several have volunteered to help me, one brought me a bouquet of flowers.  I’ve slowed down a little and taken time to get in touch with friends and relatives that I need to visit more often.

Thank  you all who have left supportive comments. Although I don’t know many of you in ‘real life’ it’s nice to know you here in the cyber world!






6 thoughts on “Update on my upcoming breast cancer surgery

  1. I wish you continued good blessings on this road. I know it isn’t what you expected to happen. It’s so good that you are getting support from neighbors……and reaching out to family and friends…


    1. Thanks Terri. I’ve been amazed by the people who have stepped forward to help. That is a miracle to me. I’m not usually one to ask for help, but I have been humbled by all this, and maybe that’s the point? I need humbling. 🙂


  2. I’m glad you have the support from your neighbors and other people who love you. That is so important when healing physically, mentally and spiritually. Yes…we are in your “cyber” world but YOU are a real person. You are in thoughts and prayers as you go through this journey. I pray for peace, fast healing and comfort. You know Who will be there through it all! 🙂


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