Life Mistakes Series: I found a typo in my resume’ during the interview #LifeMistakes

mistake[This happened many years ago.] I wore my best suit, styled my hair, put on makeup. I put on my best “I can do it smile” and arrived at the interview early.  I met the interviewer, and shook his hand. He handed me a test paper and led me to a quiet room.

When the test was finished, the interviewer came back into the room. We reviewed the test together. For each one that I got “wrong”, I explained why I answered the way I did, and my process for coming up with that answer. When we got to the end, I realized that I had actually failed the test.

We then reviewed my resume’, and I noticed some glaring errors. I alerted him immediately, apologized profusely, and explained that my 3 year old had been playing by my word processor, and must have made the changes.

The interviewer smiled brightly, and explained that he also had children, and a young one about my son’s age. We discussed our children for the next ten minutes. I figured for sure I am not getting this job, but it doesn’t hurt to be polite anyway.

We shook hands at the end of the “interview”, and I felt an electric shock, like a divine appointment.

Well, long story short, I got the job. I stayed at that company for 12 more years.

I am now looking to reenter the job market. I have been looking at books on resumes: “Do it this way”, “No, do it this way.” I have received emails, “We can write your resume for only $200.”  But you know what, if it’s meant to be it will be. I don’t have to stress and go crazy. I don’t have to send out 100 resumes and follow each one up with a phone call.

I applied to one job that looks like exactly what I want, and according to the online app (who knows if it’s accurate) so far I am the only one that applied.

Another job that I had years before this one: I was hired permanently right off the bat; I did not  have to go through a year of “temporary”. Several years later, I was shown my job information on a computer screen. It incorrectly stated that I had a bachelor’s degree. I didn’t lie on my application. Someone just keyed in my info wrong.

So I guess the moral of my story is: Do the best you can, and pray, and God will put you where he wants you.


9 thoughts on “Life Mistakes Series: I found a typo in my resume’ during the interview #LifeMistakes

  1. My son, who applied for a job in quality control, missed a typo on his application. He was going to email the employer back and apologize, but I told him not to bother, since they might not even notice. He got the job anyway…… lol

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  2. Good luck on your job interviewing. I don’t know if employers even read much of those resumes any longer. I think they just look for key words and then decide based on the face to face interview.

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