Bailey has good news for you

IMG_2577Hi, Bailey here. I just found out my mom doesn’t need to have Chemo!

She has been sleeping in the living room on a strange looking bed, with some kind of weird noise that makes it go up and down. I don’t mind though, because it’s no much easier for me to wake up Mom in the morning to take me outside, because I don’t have to go all the way upstairs to find her.

Mom had surgery last month, and she wasn’t home for a week. I was glad when she came home.

Mom is in such a good mood today that she gave me extra cheese.

I guess today is a good day.


22 thoughts on “Bailey has good news for you

  1. Thank You God! He does answer prayers…so very pleased for you. Do continue to rest and “Be Gentle With Yourself.” Continued Prayers for your healing…Jan


    1. My Mom says thank you Terri. I will be on the job to make sure she gets her rest and eats her vegetables. And whatever drops on the floor, I’ll be happy to clean it up, especially if it has cheese on top.


        1. Thank You. My dad says I am a rock star like Bono in dog form. He thinks my mom should start another blog just about me. But my mom has to pray about it first.
          Your friend,


  2. Bailey you are such a good dog taking care of your mom!! I’m so happy for her that prayers have worked! I know you are glad she doesn’t have to through chemo!!
    I would love to see a blog from you! My puppies Pookie and Parker would stop by!

    ps Still praying sweets! šŸ™‚

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