November, a new month, a new start

Ok, so we are all eating leftover Halloween candy, and now it’s time to plan Thanksgiving. I’m assuming I am cooking, er, re-heating this year, as we should have the house suitable for human consumption by then. As I type this, my contractor is thumping in the attic, right over my head. I also have a headache and sore throat and I’m kind of dizzy, so Bailey got ripped-off on his walk today.

I’m supposed to be working on writing my work-on-progress because today is the first day of NaNo. I have done zero writing on it today. So far I have:

  1. drunk coffee
  2. ate a banana
  3. asked Bailey politely to stop barking
  4. gone to the bank and drugstore
  5. asked Bailey politely to stop barking
  6. prayed with my prayer partner on the phone
  7. made an egg and cheese sandwich
  8. ate said sandwich
  9. checked FB. Checked into the Dakota pipeline site, then checked back into Katmandu ( I like to keep people guessing)
  10. asked Bailey politely to stop barking
  11. took Bailey on a short walk so he could pee
  12. noticed that Bailey stopped barking
  13. checked twitter to see how my fellow NaNo writers were doing
  14. started this blog post

It is after 2:00 pm EST, and I still have not even opened my word document.

By the end of the week, I will have a door on the master bathroom, which is very exciting indeed. Also the bathroom fan and light, complete with night light (it’s the little things!) should be installed.

Happy NaNo to my writing friends.




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