Halloween, NaNo, and New Lights

But first, Bailey, doing his Pretzel Legs thing. 

Because dogs are cute. 

Mr. Porter bought several bags of candy.  For now, the candy is still inside the grocery bags by the front door.  We just moved to this neigborhood, and the neighbors said that there are a lot of kids at Halloween time.   

I made the mistake of looking into the bags, and I noticed that the Kit Kat bag is already open, so now I hear the Kit Kats calling my name.  

Bailey has also donated to the cause. That is his toy duck.  I guess he wants to bless a trick-or-treater too.  

Meanwhile, our contractor is installing new lights for us, and new bathroom fans. Bailey is nervous with the noises in the attic, as the contractor runs new electrical wire overhead. 

After today, it’s November and that means NaNo.  National Novel Writing Month.  I am not going to hold myself to write X amount of words, but instead set aside two solid hours a day.  That should work for me.    

Bailey has started barking again so I’ll end here for today. Happy November everyone.   

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