The Dog Park

A ten-minute drive from my house– is the dog park. Somedays there are eight other dogs to play with. Sometimes no one is there, and Buddy cries and whines because he’s stuck with me instead of a doggie friend. The other day, there was a border collie at the park. He was on the other … More The Dog Park

What’s all that racket?

I’m trying to take a nap. Mom says the floor is being installed today and that’s why there is so much hammering and sawing of wood. It will look better than how it has been: That’s called Lowe’s Cardboard Flooring. Soon it will be a nice hardwood floor. I sure hope they are finished soon.

The next room to be de-pinked. #Redecorating #Home

The guest room. It’s very pink. It’s got dark pink for the window trim, and the famous 90’s paint style “sponging”. It’s hideous. It’s gotta go. Meanwhile… Bailey doesn’t care about colors. Just food, walks and blankets. So the guest room will be green. The green I originally picked out for the dining room, and … More The next room to be de-pinked. #Redecorating #Home

Bailey’s stroll

Today was much cooler for Bailey’s walk. Although he usually stops and rests when it’s 65 degrees or higher, today he went to the park while it was 75 degrees. It’s much cooler than the upper 90’s that we’ve had during the last week. On those days, Bailey would go outside, sit for 10 minutes … More Bailey’s stroll

I have a new bedtime companion   #nightguard #tuesdaythoughts

It’s not what you think! It’s a night guard for my teeth, because apparently I grind my teeth in my sleep. I don’t remember grinding, but I do wake up with a sore mouth. Also, by looking at my dental x-rays, it was determined that the right side of my mouth is “filed down.” I … More I have a new bedtime companion   #nightguard #tuesdaythoughts

Bailey hurt my arm, which was bad. Here’s why it was also good.

While walking Bailey in December, he pulled hard on the leash to play with his friend Georgie. For some odd reason, I was holding the leash in my left hand. When Bailey pulled the leash, it also yanked my left arm and shoulder. I had pain for about a month before I decided I better … More Bailey hurt my arm, which was bad. Here’s why it was also good.

New slippers for me

I suppose I could have “cropped ” the photo, so only my slippers are there.  Instead, you can see my still-pink cabinets, and a miscellaneous plastic bag. Inside that bag are apples from a local orchard. Delish. I already made a dish of pseudo-apple crisp (no flour, no added sugar) and it was delicious.  The … More New slippers for me