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Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh is now a published ebook.

You know you heard from God. Check.
You said what He told you to say. Check.
You will be ignored, OR ridiculed, or a mix of both. OUCH. Check.
Congratulations, you are a successful Believer!

Do you ever feel like you take one step forward, but then two steps backward? While we are reaching for our goals and dreams, a struggle exists behind the scenes. This book looks at the biblical story of Moses and Pharaoh and examines the obstacles and reminds us not to quit because the Red Sea will finally part.

Sometimes when we ask God for something, the situation gets worse. Like the Hebrews of Moses’ time, we might want to give up and go back to the way things were. We even blame the person trying to help us. Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh takes a look at the struggle between Moses and Pharaoh in the book of Exodus. We see Moses push forward, then Pharaoh pushes back. There are things in the unseen world that are sent to change the situations, for good and for bad. With prayer and faith in God, we can stand when the situation looks impossible, circumstances around us are getting worse, and we want to quit.

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It’s available at,,, and wherever ebooks are sold.

Only $2.99

Kobo: Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh  then press Preview Now

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Barnes and Noble: Arm Wrestling with Pharaoh


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