Bailey hurt my arm, which was bad. Here’s why it was also good.


While walking Bailey in December, he pulled hard on the leash to play with his friend Georgie. For some odd reason, I was holding the leash in my left hand.

When Bailey pulled the leash, it also yanked my left arm and shoulder. I had pain for about a month before I decided I better go to the doctor. The pain wasn’t going away by itself.

I had an x-ray, the doctor gave me an anti-inflammatory medication, and told me to go to Physical Therapy. Happily, the Physical Therapy office is right across the parking lot from his office.

The Therapist examined my arm for range of motion, which wasn’t much at the time. She also showed me a bunch of exercises to do which in addition to strengthening my arm, also are designed to correct my posture.  There I said it. My posture has not been good for years now. It’s one of those things I don’t think about while I am sitting at a desk.

I also bought a exercises band for 5 bucks so I can do the stretches at home. As time has gone on, I notice that I do have more strength in my arms and my posture is better. I still have a way to go until it’s “second nature” but I’m glad that it’s in the forefront of my mind again.

Today I had a different Therapist, as my usual one is in Canada for winter sports on her vacation. Yes that’s right. Instead of going to a warm climate like Florida, she decided to go to Canada. Today’s Therapist helped me to realize that I still have pain on the top of my shoulder, and that I should go back to the doctor for an MRI. If there is more damage, it may require surgery.

But the good thing is that although my shoulder still hurts, it’s better than it was, and I am concentrating on good posture.

I am also very careful while walking Bailey that I keep the leash in my right hand.






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