Meet Bailey, the Canadian Cheese Hound

Yes, he does look like Lassie with a haircut. He is actually a Short-Haired Collie, also known as a Smooth Collie. But don’t let the shorter hair fool you! He sheds like a machine!

My husband (Mr. Porter) bought Bailey from a breeder up by the Canadian Border. Hubby’s family had several dogs of this breed over the years, and they are great pets.

Bailey and his cousin, Shamus, have some of the same personality traits. They both chomp with their teeth when they are playing. They love to play tug-of-war and they chase squirrels like they were fired out of a canon.

Both dogs also do NOT like to be disturbed by people talking when they are trying to sleep and will tell you by saying, “HMMMMMMM!”

IMG_2087Can’t a guy get some peace and quiet around here?!

Here’s a pic of Bailey and cousin Shamus last summer:

b 004

At Christmas Time, I like to dress Bailey up, but he is not happy:

Bailey Antlers

In fact, this is what Bailey had to say about the antlers later in the day:

I call Bailey the cheese hound because, well, he LOVVVVVES cheese. I’ve never seen anything like it. He can hear the sound of a cheese wrapper crinkle at 200 yards.

Do I hear cheese?!
Do I hear cheese?!

My husband reminds me on a regular basis, that Bailey is a Chick Magnet. When my husband takes Bailey for his walk, people always comment on how pretty he is. Bailey knows the word “pretty” and poses accordingly.

And here he is, with his sad “no one ever feeds me cheese” face:

cheese, please!
cheese, please!

I have also taught Bailey how to sing and dance. I need to get it on video and share with you!

Bailey says, “It’s very nice to meet all of you!”

6 thoughts on “Meet Bailey, the Canadian Cheese Hound

  1. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I’d go to the fridge for some string cheese. My dog, who was fast asleep in another room, ignored every noise I made, until I touched the wrapper of the cheese. Then, there she was, wide awake.


    1. LOL. That’s what Bailey would do! exactly! Thanks for sharing. Nice to know that if burglars came in the back door, our dogs wouldn’t notice–unless they went for the cheese!!


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