First Day At His First Job

A generic burger joint

My teenage son has landed his first job. Okay, so I filled out the application for him because I have nicer handwriting.

You don’t need good penmanship to flip burgers.

I’m sure his application was one of at least 100. The company called our house, but didn’t leave a message. Thankfully, I saw the company name on the caller id. But when my son called back that number, he was met with an earful of fax machine.

“Get in the car!” I yelled, “We’re driving over there!” I dragged my son into the car amidst worries that he would miss his window of opportunity.

On the way over, I gave him a few pointers: Ask for the manager. Tell him you applied for a job, and you are interested in an interview. Be polite.

I even wrote his name and phone number on a piece of paper, so that they could hand it to the manager in case he/she wasn’t there. Yes, I am a hoovering-helicopter-mom~!

We arrived in the parking lot, and I dropped my son off at the door. I parked the car and waited. My son arrived 3 minutes later, telling me he had an interview for Friday at 4:30 pm.


During the next week, we practiced interview skills. Smile. Look them in the eye. Answer questions with more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

We practiced handshakes. Firm, but not hurtful. And definately *not* mushy. Try again.

Finally, it was Friday at 4:00 pm. My son had picked out his best “casually neat” outfit.  Here we go.

Of course, Mr. Murphy’s laws kicked in, and we got stuck in traffic on the way over. We arrived in the parking lot at 4:32. I coached my son, “Just walk in like you’re on time, don’t apologize, and maybe they won’t notice.” Thankfully, this worked, as there were a whole slew of kids lined up for interviews.

I stayed out in the parking lot, and prayed. “Oh, please, Lord, he needs this job!”

Finally, my son came out to the car. He tried to keep a straight face, and then smiled and said, “I got the job!”

Yay! Yahoo!

My son told me how there was a kid who got interviewed ahead of him, and was told, “Yeah, we’ll call you…” My son noted that the kid did not smile, he answered with all ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers.[Gee, maybe old mom does know a thing or two.]

At last, the big day was here! I embarassed my son by taking pictures of him. It reminded me of the first time I put him on the school bus; it was another phase of growing up. [ I won’t embarrass him further by posting them here, but these pictures DO exist.]

Inside the building!

I dropped him off, and took one last picture as he walked in the door.

I was so excited. I was happier than he was. He has a real job, and has to pay taxes. Well, ok, I’m not happy about that part, just sayin’ — it’s a real job.

Today is his second day of work. He is continuing training in the art of all things Burger-Related.

I proudly anticipate the day when my son will be able to say,

“Would you like fries with that?”



6 thoughts on “First Day At His First Job

  1. Oh I offer enthusiastic congratulation–to both of you!! Burger King is my fave, and a rare treat which I got to enjoy after a Dr’s appt today. So, it’s fresh in my mind how heavenly those onion rings were, and the just made fries….oh yes!!! But I had some old guy wait on me, not a cute young man like I’m certain your son must be! Again, congrats–God bless y’all!!


    1. Caddo, always good to hear from you!! I do enjoy your posts, although I don’t know much about poetry so some stuff zooms over my head!! But the stuff I do understand, I like!!


      1. Oh, you’re too cute! You made me laugh! Sometimes, with poetry, the best you can do is just try to appreciate/enjoy the imagery–not the deeper meaning or “back story”. There’s my free advice for today–now can you son deliver me some more onion rings?!


        1. sure, I’ll just FAX those right over!!
          Yesterday, I was in the parking lot waiting for my son, and I was right next to the drive thru line. I listened as a steady stream of vehicles drove thru. The drivers ordered stuff like 4 combo meals for a total of $24 — this is insane to me! — then some cheapos (like I myself would do) ordered off the dollar menu and had coupons. hey this could be a blog article 😉 anyway I still loved your poem about ‘more crumpets’ — maybe they should set that one to music!


  2. Laughing so hard–I was sure you were going to say they should have crumpets on the BK menu!! On the surface, it does sound insane to spend $24 at a fast food place–but honestly, I think I’d prefer to do that, and go home or to the beach and eat in peace, rather than spend 2 or 3 times that in a restaurant full of people. But that’s just me. I looked at the dollar menu when I was there Tues–but I wondered if the items were smaller, and I was so starved (fasting for blood work). Next time I’ll probably skip the sandwich and just order $24 of onion rings…now there’s a healthy idea!! Love to you and your BK son–God bless you!


    1. ha! You crack me up. I thought too, usually if I cook a meal at home, if it’s healthy it takes 2 hours to pull together. If it’s not, it’s still 20-30 mins.
      and forget running in the supermarket to buy crap after a day of work! But I would spend $12 on onion rings, and $12 on chocolate shakes, but that’s just me. 🙂


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