The Day I “Paid it Forward”

word20I started the day by going to the Hair Salon for a cut and color.

The hairdresser and I made small talk, and then she discovered that she had put the wrong color dye on my hair. She started freaking out. I told her, “Don’t worry, it’s only hair; it grows back.” She washed the dye out and started over.

So after that she really opened up: her boyfriend cheated on her and left her, etc. Heartbreaking.

When I left, I gave her a $20 tip. Crazy, right. She was sooo happy. It wasn’t about the money, but that somebody cared. And listened.

I felt so good the rest of the day—better than I have felt in decades.

I left the Hair Salon, and went to the Tire store to buy new tires for the front of my car. (My son had driven over a curb, and blew out the front tire.) The guy at the tire place gave me a $20 discount on each tire, plus $20 off the price of the front end alignment (which it needed badly).

While we were waiting for the tires, my son and I went to the restaurant where he works. His manager gave us the employee discount–even though he’s only supposed to get it on the days he works.

My husband also got notification—the same day– for a job interview for a great position.

AND: My ex-husband even sent money that he had owed me for 4 years!!

So yes, miracles do happen.

*** Disclaimer: This is not a guarantee of similar results. I do not run the universe. 🙂

All these facts are true, the names have been omitted as per usual.

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6 thoughts on “The Day I “Paid it Forward”

  1. Isn’t it funny that when you decide to bless someone else without the hope of it being returned to you it was repaid over and over again. The key is you cant do it hoping for something in return, you have to do it out of the pureness of your heart not looking for being paid back.


  2. You may not be able to guarantee the same results but that is exactly how karma works, good deeds beget good deeds, smiles beget smiles. Whatever the result it is good to brighten someone’s day 🙂


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