Mums Along the Mohawk–Getting out of the Zip Code

IMG_1113A few weeks ago, Hubby and I took a drive to view the changing colors of the leaves, but mostly the point of the trip was to “get out of the zip code!”

My husband will often use the term “get out of the zip code” to describe a need to get out of the house, see something different, try a new restaurant, go to a farm market. Just anything to take a break from the stress of daily living.

We went to a certain spot by the Mohawk River. I took pictures of all kinds of stuff.

I thought of the movie, “Drums Along the Mohawk”. (I know it was a book too but I must confess I never read it.) I can still hear Daniel-Day Lewis saying, “I WILL find you!”


Stewart’s stores are quite popular around here. They have an ice cream flavor called “Crumbs Along the Mohawk.” Clever, eh?


So here’s some pictures I took on a nice, bright Sunday.

Mohawk-10A nice quiet scene. You can almost forget you have problems.

Mohawk-25Here’s some mums held hostage.

Mohawk-17A pretty red bush of some kind.

Mohawk-18Mums sitting peacefully beside the shrub.

Mohawk-24Three trees ‘a sitting

It’s always nice to get out of the zip code. And nice to come back home again.

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