State of my year on my birthday

birthday cake
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Today’s DAILY PROMPT asks for the state of my year…How fitting as today is my birthday and birthdays do make us look up, look around, and look back.

This year has been terrible. I DO try to count my blessings, but it’s been especially difficult.

During January, my husband’s employer told him that he needs to relocate to keep his job. We immediately began getting the house ready for sale. We painted, cleaned, threw crap out, donated stuff, recycled recyclables. We had contractors come in for painting the ceiling, and fixing the floors. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to live a “normal” life when you can’t find your “Important papers” because they have been boxed up? Or stay on plan with food, when the refrigerator is in the other room? Or keep the house clean when the dishwasher breaks down? Or not to go postal after you are charged $850 by a contractor who did not complete the job correctly? (Yes, that’s being pursued.)

We endured the humiliation of having Realtors come to our house and it pick apart.

I had an ankle brace for my foot and that has gone missing. It’s difficult to do my daily walking with the pain in my ankle.

The kitchen table is still in the living room, as we need to get the floor fixed, but not until we get the fridge fixed, which is leaking onto said floor.

Tasks I try to accomplish don’t have just one block; each block has several blocks.

Okay, so lets look on the bright side:

I am not a woman living in a Middle Eastern country.

I am not in Sudan, in a refugee camp.

I can read and write.

I have (MORE THAN) enough food.

We have electricity and air conditioning.

My bed is mad comfy.

My internet connection is working.

My son is safe and employed.

My hubby is employed.

I still have my teeth (except for wisdom teeth)

Although I limp, I can walk!!!

So for my birthday, I will enjoy the sugar rush of the cake.

I will  also make plans to start eating healthier by buying the healthy food TODAY. I will find a clear place to put my notebook to write down my food intake.

I will get organized AGAIN, and try AGAIN.

10 thoughts on “State of my year on my birthday

  1. Happy Birthday….I hope the rest of the year goes much better. I can relate to the house thing….we finally sold our big house after 14 months of frustration. That part of our lives is much better thankyouverymuch!


    1. thanks. It’s really difficult living with boxes all over, furniture in the wrong place, and THEN have a houseguest… I suppose I failed this test. But when we fail tests, God lets us take them again…. ha.


  2. Happy Birthday! Life doesn’t stand still while we celebrate our milestones, does it? I hope you will have a much better day tomorrow and the next day and the next year. Best wishes.


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