I’m sorry if I confused you.



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Yes, about  the post I posted earlier today: I am so sorry that I didn’t make things clear. I should have added another sentence or two at the bottom of the post.


I posted a (re-written) story about when I had Breast Cancer.  I had re-written it to submit to a magazine.


I decided to post it on my blog, since I have some new readers and I was hoping for some feedback (spelling and punctuation errors, stuff like that.)


What I got instead (and I’ll take it!) was an outpouring of Love and Support from the WordPress family!!


And so, I ask your forgiveness that I did not make it clear that even though the essay was written in the present tense, it was a look back at an extremely difficult time in my life that happened several years ago.


And I am finally learning to let other people help me, pray for me, and support me. Thank you for your kindness.

And so I am very sorry if I confused you, and ask you to please forgive me.








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