Dear Atheist: I don’t hate you.

IMG_2306In the United States, we are supposed to have the right to freedom of religion, which also includes freedom from religion.

That’s fine, because I don’t like religion either. I have a relationship with God.

Religion is man’s attempt to reach God, to appease God.

A relationship is, well, two people talking to each other, spending time together.

Here’s what I believe: God does exist and He talks to me and not just me, but millions of people on the planet. He talks to you. Maybe you can’t hear him; like a radio that’s not tuned in to a certain wavelength, you might not be able to hear Him.

Let me give you my opinions. Please?

I don’t want to argue. It doesn’t solve anything. I just want to tell my “side” of the story. Some of you might spew hateful words at me. Whatever.

“Science. Science. Science.”   I’ll get to that in a minute.

Here’s some questions/issues for you:

1. Prove that LOVE exists. You can’t see it. You “feel” it, but are you basing proof of existence of love on feelings?

2. Prove that your great-great-grandfather existed. You don’t have his birth certificate. But you are here because he did exist.

3. Scientists are humans. Humans make mistakes. I’m NOT saying “throw all science out the window.” I totally believe that we should examine scientific evidence. We just don’t know everything YET. Could there be things that Scientists have not discovered yet? It’s a vast universe, how could Scientists know everything? Could there be higher scientific laws? For example, there is the law of gravity: what comes up must come down. But there is a higher law: the law of aerodynamics. Could there be higher laws that scientists have not proven yet?

5. What if I’m right? What if there is a God? What if your soul and spirit will live somewhere forever? If I’m wrong, and we just cease to exist, there is no harm done. But if you are wrong, forever is a long time.

6. Life isn’t fair. It does not go according to how we think it should go. Maybe, just maybe God’s ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.

7. IF God truly exists, wouldn’t HE make the rules? Wouldn’t HE set the criteria for why things happen? Why, as humans do we think we decide how things should be? If God decides that you can only get to heaven if you believe in Jesus, who are we to say “it’s’ not fair”? He’s God, He makes the rules.

Okay, now I will address some issues on the flip side:

1. Where was God during the Holocaust? A good question. And the answer is: Where was the church? Or better phrased: Where were the so-called believers in God? Why didn’t they stop the Holocaust? Why did the churches in Europe sing LOUDER to mask the sound of the Jewish people on the trains going by the churches on the way to the Death Camps?

2. Why is there so much suffering in the world? The answer is: Why isn’t the church doing more? Why isn’t the church feeding the poor? Why do televangelists live in mansions and drive Mercedes and not buy food for the poor?

3.  I don’t know everything about God, or the Bible. But I also don’t know everything about my husband, or everything about my son, or for that matter, everything about me. There are things in the world that I don’t understand. That doesn’t prove that God doesn’t exist.

4. If I met a new friend in a coffee shop, and we had a conversation, and planned to meet again next week, would you believe me? What evidence do you have? You weren’t there. I didn’t get their phone number, so you can’t call and verify. How can I prove this person exists? What if I took you there next week, and introduced you. Would you believe me then?

5. Your quest to prove to me that there is no God is equal to my quest to prove to you that there is. The thing is, I’ve already met Him. You can’t talk me out of it. It’s too late.

6. If you would really like to meet the God of the Universe, ask Him. Go to Him. Ask Him to prove Himself to you. Ask Him if Jesus is the only way to God. The answer may not come immediately, but if you want the TRUTH, you will find it.

7. All “religions” (and I don’t like that word) are not the same. Again, since God makes the rules, He decides which one is correct. God decides the correct path to get to Him. Ask HIM what the path is.

So I want you to know, that although I disagree with you, I do not hate you. I do not wish you harm.

I wish above all things for you to know God.



14 thoughts on “Dear Atheist: I don’t hate you.

    1. Well, just as we have rules for our kids like “look both ways before you cross the street” and “don’t touch the hot stove” God has rules for us to keep us safe. The “rules” are not to ruin our fun, but to protect us.


    2. Oh…I understand, I think? You do believe in God, but you don’t like the way He does things sometimes? Well, I think we all feel like that from time to time. Many times I have asked “WHY” and sometimes I get an answer, and sometimes it takes years to get the answer.


      1. “You do believe in God, but you don’t like the way He does things sometimes?”


        I don’t believe in Voldemort, but I don’t like the way he does things either.

        Nice that you didn’t answer my question, by the way. And the next time your child crosses the street without looking, do what your scriptures say your god would do…get in a car and run them over.


          1. “It doesn’t say that in the scriptures but I think you know that.”

            Your god created hell and sends people there. That’s a fair comparison.

            “Hmm. What makes you so angry?”

            People who try to teach the immoral as moral.


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