Happy Boxing Day

We don’t celebrate Boxing Day here in the US but supposedly in the United Kingdom, the upper class would “box up” their old belongings and give them to the poor.

I suppose I could look it up on Wikipedia and then look it up on Scopes to see if any of that is true. Or I could ask my WordPress buddy Shaun, who lives at GMT 0.

Or I could just use my imagination as to what Boxing Day could be:

IMG_3064  As toddlers know, it doesn’t matter what is in the box. The box itself is tasty, and is its own gift.


Sitting in the box works too.

I grew up watching Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier duke it out. I could spend Boxing Day contemplating the good ole days.

ali-and-frazier Now that’s boxing.

Hmm, here’s an empty cookie box. This explains many things such as why hubby’s stomach hurts, and why even my sweatpants are feeling tight today. Pass the Pepto!


Even Bailey got a special box today:

IMG_3088If Bailey’s happy, everyone’s happy!

7 thoughts on “Happy Boxing Day

  1. Even in England we’re not all that sure why it’s called Boxing Day. There were certainly alms boxes opened, and Christmas Boxes given to servants but there were also boxing matches traditionally on Boxing Day. These days it’s about eating the leftovers and relaxing by the fire. Have a good one 🙂


    1. Thanks Marie, I hope you had a good day too. We don’t do boxing day here, usually the 26th people run to the mall to buy the Christmas stuff that is 50% off and of course return the gifts they didn’t like 🙂


      1. There is a lot of that going on here too. The January Sales usually start on Boxing Day but I try to stay away because it gets way too crowded for my liking. Having said that, my quiet Boxing Day walk turned out to be pretty crowded too, going for a walk seems to be catching on, maybe I’m setting a trend 🙂


        1. lol. I’ll have to come visit your blog today and see how you’re doing. You always take such great pictures while on your walks.
          I’m not big on crowds either, I understand. I did my shopping in small shops and of course internet shopping.
          How’s the job search going?


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