The view from the 10th floor

flower_man_5Two weeks ago my husband and I took a trip to Boston.We had a room on the 10th floor of a hotel and over the course of 3 days and nights I noticed different things going on.

On Sunday I saw this man and a companion selling flowers out by the highway. It was a very cold day and the men were bundled up with winter clothes.

For hours, this man walked back and forth showing his flowers to passing motorists, most of whom ignored him. His companion looked to be holding a cardboard sign of some kind, I’m guessing it told the price of the flowers.

You can see in the picture a box holding several bunches of flowers, and the man carrying a bouquet.

I sat in my warm hotel room watching the scene going on. I tried to figure out how to get over to him to buy some flowers. I wanted to encourage him. I grabbed a $20 bill and my sweater and went down to the lobby to try to figure out how to get to him.

I looked out the window of the lobby and could not find the flower man. I went to windows on the other side of the room, and could see him in the distance. He was across a three-lane highway, a half block away. There was also another median I would have to cross to get there. I decided that between the snowy road conditions and my artificial hip, I better not chance it. Hubby would not be happy scraping me off the pavement.

I returned to my room and looked out the window again. I said a prayer that the man would sell a bouquet, and later on, someone did stop and talk to him and take the flowers into the vehicle.


When it was dark, the man and his companion were gone. But here is a view from the 10th floor window.

clear-night-2A pretty city.

clear-night-1In the morning were even nicer views.



And when it was time to leave, this was the view from the window:snow-being-snowSnowflakes.

Lots of them.

Thankfully, Hubby just bought new snow tires.

We had a safe trip back home.

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