Paper? Yes, please. Some things need to stay old school.

I still have a flip phone. I can’t get Facebook or “apps” on my phone. It only talks and texts. I can so relate to Leroy Jethro Gibbs on NCIS. If the old way works, why change it. Could my grandfather be correct?

My husband, aka Mr. Porter, shared this commercial with me, and I stood up and applauded.

(For my email readers; I know sometimes the videos don’t show up–click below:)

I totally relate to Emma. I love stickies. I love Sodoku and when it really counts, yes, I love paper.

I love notebooks of all shapes and sizes. I start writing in a notebook because it feels more earthy and then I switch over to the computer or word processor.

Of course I care about the trees–plant more. Of course I recycle my paper. I don’t believe in wasting resources.

But let’s not be so anal about it.

6 thoughts on “Paper? Yes, please. Some things need to stay old school.

  1. I’m with Emma and you on this one. Paper, paper, paper. At this moment, I have two legal pads on my lap desk, next to my laptop; one for the current story and on for notes on a contracted blog post. Different ink colors (and of course content) keep them apart. Paper and pen feels right to me, so my initial writing is almost always done in a notebook or on a legal pad (bonus points if it’s pretty.)


    1. Hi Anna! This commercial really made my day. Even though I had only had ONE cup of coffee, I just cracked up laughing. IMHO, it proves that we can NEVER do away with paper entirely, and why should we?!


  2. I’ve seen this commercial and laughed too! I keep saying that with all the cyber spying these days that another country will someday crash all the computers and then people will walk around saying “what do we do?” I prefer pretty notebooks and cute pens and love getting a handwritten letter. I have to confess, however, that my own handwriting has suffered greatly because I type most things on the computer.


    1. Terri, I love notebooks of all shapes and sizes. I have them all over the house. I also keep a very small one in my purse for those small snippets that hit me when I’m out in public. Like when I’m standing in the grocery line, and suddenly think of something to blog about. I can write it down quick and carry on. My handwriting is bad because I write TOO FAST. When I slow down, I can make it quite fancy.


  3. I remember this commercial and it is HILARIOUS!!! I love it! Emma be awesome!! he he he he! Thanks for the laugh today! And even though it is easier for me to type than to write long hand when I am writing I do agree there is just something about PAPER! I hope you are well today.. 🙂


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