Writing Muteness

Okay, so its official term is “writer’s block” but since I don’t always feel like running with the crowd, I will call it Muteness.

I have dozens of ideas in my head, some of which may hit paper or computer screen in the next few months, I am having trouble getting any of them out. I am making some lists with bullet points, and I did get a whole bunch of books from the library.


I am told that sometimes writers need to INPUT rather than just OUTPUT. Besides, next week I have several medical appointments, and the week after is my vacation. The summer is flying by, but I wish it could be summer all year. Yes, I realize I should move to a warmer climate, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards at the moment. We all must play the cards we are given.

I hope that everyone has a great weekend.




4 thoughts on “Writing Muteness

  1. Crossed paws! :high pitched squeal:

    Sorry, was distracted by crossed paws, because they are my Kryptonite. “Muteness” is a good word for this phenomenon; the ideas and stories are in there, but they can’t find the way out. Talking often helps, I’ve found; your mileage may vary. Getting those ideas and bullet points down in whatever form feels comfortable is a great first step toward the finished product.

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