The aliens will be leaving on Wednesday.

alienI have three aliens that live with me. They are just here for a short visit, and will be packing up and leaving on Wednesday.

They are like most guests; wanted at first, their presence is comforting. But as time goes on, I just want your house back and my life back to normal.

They performed a useful service, they were draining excess fluids out of me after surgery. But it’s now time for them to leave. The output of fluid is dwindling; my body will be able to flush the excess by itself.

And just so you know, the aliens do not really look like this little green being.

They are drains and look like this:



The drains have done their job, and it’s time for them to be extracted. I know it will hurt when they are yanked out, but then my body will heal up and I’ll be onto the next step of the journey.

So goodbye aliens. Thank you for your help.

I really won’t miss you, though.







6 thoughts on “The aliens will be leaving on Wednesday.

  1. Great post. I like the little green guy; he has a sweet face. And thanks for the pic of the drain. If that’s really what it looked like, anyway. Did you know I have a drain? It’s in my brain with a tube running down my jugular then over my heart. I think they cut it off a little short. Xray technicians always ask why it doesn’t go all they way into the abdomen. Anyway, there’s a bunch of scar tissue plugging up the base of my brain where spinal fluid normally drains out of the brain and along the spinal cord. I even have a pump in case there’s a back up and fluid builds up in my brain. I always tell beauticians that the big bump on my head is just a piece of plastic the doctors forgot to take out. In my case, “If it anin’t broke, don’t fix it,” is best. but I’m so glad your aliens are out. Onward ho! Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2014 17:08:14 +0000 To:


    1. Thanks Terrel. That is what my drains looked like before they were installed. I spared everyone the blood and guts of what they look like after being “used.” I did not realize you have a drain in your brain! Do you have to drain it often?


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