Today I am Thankful for: my son’s new job!

Panera Bread
Panera Bread (Photo credit: roboppy)

My son just finished his first year as a College Freshman. I won’t go into any details….

But the GOOD NEWS is, he started a new job yesterday! Woooo-hoooo! (is that a word?)

Look at all the Yummies! (They also have SALADS…)

He will be working at Panera Bread.

I’m probably happier than he is about the job, but I am thankful that he is employed.

So today is a good day.

15 thoughts on “Today I am Thankful for: my son’s new job!

  1. yes, we must celebrate the little things! i have a sophomore in HS waiting to hear about a summer counselor position today and i’m on pins and needles! the sophomore in college has a job but fanagled a way to not start until 7/1. i’m seeing if i can get the 12 yr old out into the job market too!


    1. Well there is always Paper Routes for 12 year olds…my brother did that back in the day.
      Also, Babysitters make $ 8 – 10 an hour around here. Not too shabby! (depending on the kids of course!)


      1. stands for Fordham University but I get it. I’ve been thinking about changing it for a while but w/ lack of sleep from the woodpecker i keep forgetting!


  2. My 2 sons walked out of School/college and right into work.
    I had to pay people to make it happen, it this climate, there IS NO WORK..
    Both stuck at it, and I am delighted for them and proud of them for sticking it out.

    Good on your boy, good news!


      1. My son started at McDonalds and is now high up in Security for events all over Scotland.

        My other son started part time at Walmart (Asda here) And is now in Charge of stock coming in,

        Correct, got to start somewhere..

        Good parenting all round..


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