Cake and Indiana

1. If someone walked into your bakery and said, “I want a cake that says, “Smack a woman today!” Would you make the cake?

2. If they wanted a cake that said, “Stealing is better than buying!” Would you make the cake?

3. How about, “Abuse a child today!” Would you make the cake?

4. Or “Kill your parents. Murder them today!” Would you make that cake?

There seems to be a disconnect of logic with this cake issue and #boycottIndiana

If a gay person walks in and wants a cupcake, he/she is welcome to the cupcake. But if they want a wedding cake for a gay wedding, this goes against the owner’s beliefs and should be RESPECTED.


If a serial killer comes in and wants a cookie, and has the money, sure buy the cookie. If he wants a cake that says, “Murder number 24 could be you!” I would leave that to the owner’s discretion.

For those who pick parts of the Bible to tell Christians that they are not acting like “Christians” I urge you to read the bible AGAIN. And especially the book of Revelation.

Yes, Jesus loves gays. But He loves them too much to leave them that way. Jesus can set us free of ALL our sins.

Read the book!

4 thoughts on “Cake and Indiana

  1. You are so right! I’ve said before through various mediums that the solution to this problem is very simple–they can go to another bakery or start one of their own. Problem solved. There is no need to persecute someone else for their faith in God simply because they won’t cave to accommodate sin. I’m with you. They need to read the “entire Bible” and understand the intent of God’s Word, not just a selected segment.

    My name is Mary Hall-Rayford and I approve your blog post!


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