I’m tired of thinking about Cancer

pink-ribbonWednesday I had a visit with “my” Oncologist. As you know, I have tried three different “Estrogen Blocking drugs” and with all three, I had serious side effects. Twice I wound up in the Hospital with chest pain. The other drug gave me such bad depression, I quit after one week.

I explained all this to the doctor.

She still insists I try another one.

She called the prescription into the drug store, er, pharmacy, but I have not chosen to pick it up yet. I have spent the last two days in a funk, oversleeping, eating ice cream and binge-watching Wayward Pines. After spending the last 5 months eating healthy, exercising and losing 25 pounds, I have been sent back into a spiral.

The thought of force-feeding myself another drug which will most likely send me into the hospital again has upset me. Although my doctor insists that “if the cancer comes back, it will not be in the breast this time, it will be the bones, or another organ” I just can’t force myself into chest pains again.

Someone has told me that Thyme Oil is a natural cancer preventive, so I am looking into how to buy that.

Meanwhile, please beam up some prayers for me. I know I am not handling this as well as I should.


10 thoughts on “I’m tired of thinking about Cancer

  1. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. “As He is so are we in this world”1John 4:17
    Praying in faith for the spirit of infirmity to leave you in Jesus name. Don’t get discouraged of dismayed. (Joshua 1:9) you are more than a conquerer!!! Stand firm. Say no to it all. It’s just mans ways. You are an overcomer!!! Love and prayers, d xo

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    1. Thanks cocoabean. My doctor is all obsessed with “I don’t want you to die” but I’m not that scared of dying— I’m more afraid of living a life of being sick. Thanks for your comments.


  2. Sue, I understand how you feel! I watched my mother, frustrated with cancer until the day she died. I’m praying for your strength to maintain your faith in Him who loves you and wants only the best for you. I’m praying for guidance from Holy Spirit so you can do all God desires you to do. Loving you and remembering with every prayer I pray until you provide us with a “good report” from The Lord!

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  3. You have the right to make your own decisions. My husband only went through chemo because I asked him to try. When it didn’t work, he said he was just going to get the most out of the rest of his life….and he did. You have been doing what you were told to do for so long, it’s no wonder you are tired of taking meds that you know will make you feel worse.

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I was doing very well up until the conversation with the doctor Thursday! Now I’m in a very dark place. Ugh. Thanks for your comments!!


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