Principles of Abraham and Isaac for Everyday Use


1. God gives you a desire. Sarah and Abraham wanted a child. There is nothing wrong about that; it is natural to want children.
2. Pray to God to fulfill the desire. God wants us to ask Him to deliver the gift. He wants us to know that all good things come from Him, and we need only ask. It’s all about relationship, remember?
3. God tells you the prayer will be answered. God told Sarah and Abraham that they would have a son. It was “impossible” by world’s standards, as they were both very old. God assured them He would provide.
4. We need to wait for God’s time for the answer to arrive. It may be decades before the answer comes, but we need to stand in faith and wait for it.
5. Don’t try to make it happen in your own strength. Don’t make yourself an Ishmael, which then produces sorrow upon sorrow.
6. Keep believing for the answer. Yes, this part is hard, especially when years go by before the answer manifests.
7. Thank God when the answer comes. Be happy when “Isaac” finally arrives.
8. Be willing to put it on the altar. Whether it’s a job, a baby, a new car, stop and give it over to God. Tell Him that you dedicate this gift to God, and always be willing to put God first. If you skip this step, you risk losing the gift.
9. God accepts the sacrifice you place on the altar, and gives it back to you. Once you have dedicated it to God, He will give it back, knowing that He can trust you.
10. Tell people what happened. Let them know that God is faithful!

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