While you are walking through fire, you don’t stop and ask for a pen and notebook.

I don’t want to hear any more advice that starts with, “you need to write everyday.” Since we still live in an imperfect world, there are days that I don’t write more than a sentence or two.

I consider it a good day if I end it still breathing, with a pillow under my head.

Sometimes life throws us various tornados: people, places, or things, (nouns?!) weather, illness, car repairs and fill-in-the-blank.  When encountering NounTornados ( you heard it here first) breathing takes priority over writing.

And yet, see here, I managed to write a few words for public Consumption . Yay me.

6 thoughts on “While you are walking through fire, you don’t stop and ask for a pen and notebook.

    1. Thanks Anna! I know that you wrestle with “Noun Tornadoes” yourself so you know of what you speak! Also this was the very FIRST post I wrote from my new IPhone. I am still figuring it out; I was not successful at editing…. But baby steps….


  1. I get busy with life sometimes and don’t have time to READ all of my favorite blogger’s posts. So if they write every day chances are I will never be able to catch up. So for a reader like me, when a blogger does not write every day it means I don’t miss as much. You are a good writer SueAnn so I am sure your readers will keep coming whether you write every day or 1 time a week or one time a month!

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